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Shape IP Policy

The Intellectual Property Office has a strategy for engaging with customers.

What is a public consultation?

A consultation is a formal process for obtaining peoples opinions about projects or policies that might be implemented in the future, it involves listening to views and taking account of what is said in order to inform decisions. They provide a way of presenting information and gathering feedback within a specific timeframe. Consultations can be carried out using a variety of formats such as:

  • written consultations,
  • online consultations,
  • surveys,
  • focus groups,
  • meetings or forums.

Why should people care?

Consultations give stakeholders the opportunity to be engaged and involved in decision making. Most decisions taken by Central and Local Government impact on everyone and whether or not you agree or disagree with a decision, the consultation process enables your views and feedback to be recorded and considered before any final decision is taken.

Why should anyone want to participate?

Before the introduction of any new legislation it is usual for the Government to use the formal Consultation process for getting peoples input for the Government's policy development work. There can be significant practical benefits to carrying out a formal, written consultation and this could be to scrutinize the Government’s proposed new policies. Opinions and feedback expressed during consultations could help to:

  • Develop effective solutions;
  • Identify the full range of affected parties;
  • Tease out unexpected consequences ;and
  • Lead to better implementation methods being discovered

Involving interested parties in policy development is also effective in increasing trust and engagement with stakeholders. This is because consultation:

  • Promotes transparency and accountability
  • Improves awareness and understanding of Intellectual Property (IP)
  • Encourages public ownership of the IP issues therefore increasing commitment to it.

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A list of our consultations which are open for comment. Consultation title is in the first column. Find the consultation you are interested in read across the row to find the category the consultation covers, consultation class, the date it was launched and the date it closes. Click on the consultation title to access the consultation document.
Title Category Class Launched Closes
Discussion: publication of patent applications External Link Patents Discussion 7 August 2014 26 September 2014
Secondary Legislation Implementing the Unified Patent Court External Link Patents Full 10 June 2014 2 September 2014